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Best Badminton Shoes

Best Badminton Shoes 2020

As much as choosing the best racket or shuttlecock to use is important; then getting the right shoes to wear is also very much important. A good pair of shoes is always requiring you to be able to move and quickly in different directions freely.

Badminton is a sport with a great pace that consists of lots of sudden quick changes in a movement. The quick direction changes and lateral movements that you require to make are not possible with your regular thicker sole shoes. Yes, that’s right; badminton shoes have a thinner sole which lowers your center of gravity to reduce the risk of injuries. So the proper shoes would help to have a great deal off.

Shoes are so important for a badminton player that they can make or break a game and so you can able to compete in a tough game of badminton only if you have good badminton shoes. You need good shoes for almost every move you make in the court from one corner of the court to another and can deliver a smashing hit. Here you can able to know some of the shoes that can help you achieve excellence in every aspect of the game.

Good badminton shoes are important for superior performances on the badminton court. As tennis players wear tennis shoes, while soccer players wear cleats. The main purpose is to add traction on the ground as they run and avoid injury to the feet. The legs and back undergo a lot of stress on the court, but the ankles and feet go through additional stress as you run, jump or turn. In this article, you will come to know the right information to find the best badminton shoes for your athletic performances.

Top 10 Best Badminton Shoes Reviews In 2020

1. Mishansha Badminton Shoes

This badminton shoe is manufactured from brand Mishansha which are breathable and comfortable to use. The design of this product is built in synthetic leather and its design allows the shoes to be quite light-in-weight that is comfort and stability in the forefoot and toe area. They are designed to enhance speed and performance when playing a game. The breathable mesh of the badminton shoe upper part keeps your feet dry and comfortable during exercise or work out. You can also able to adjust the tightness of your shoes with your shoelaces to make your movement more flexible and free.
The sole of the shoes is made of rubber and MD, which is strong, wear resistant and non-slip to twists or turns. It is also suitable for badminton, tennis, volleyball, squash, pickle-ball, racquetball and other indoor sports, etc. The most important thing is they are plenty wide, and fit insoles without any issues and also they are soft from inside, sturdy, enough cushioning good soles.

Mishansha Badminton Shoes

Key Features:

Made up of Synthetic Leather
Structured with Rubber and MD sole
Suitable other indoor court sports too
Good cushion and sturdy design
Good supports to ankle

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2. YOUNG FUTURE01 Professional Badminton Court Shoes

This badminton court shoe is produced by Yang-Yang USA which is constructed with advanced KPU and Y-energy technology with air mesh material that promotes durable surface and breathability. The Y-energy technology provides 5mm forefoot and 9mm heel thickness for extra cushioning, comfort and performance.
It is well designed in a 4-layer shoe base to help reduce foot fatigue. It is high-quality shoes at a very reasonable price and available in various different colors that are bright and very attractive. This type of shoes is recommended for both men and women.

YOUNG FUTURE01 Professional Badminton Court Shoes

Key Features:

Equipped with KPU and Y-energy technology
Well-designed with 4 layer shoe base
Very Comfortable, durable and gives excellent performance
Usable for both men and women

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3. LI-NING Men Badminton Training Sports Shoes

Li-Ning is one of the largest badminton sports brands available in sports. The Li-Ning shoes provide very good padding, shiny and feel very comfortable when playing badminton. It is designed with Xtructure technology which is a cross strap construction at the heel increases the badminton shoe stability and reduces the possibility of injury to the ankle. The upper material of the shoe is made up of synthetic leather with textile material that provides you breathable and helps you to keep cool and dry at the time of the sports environment.
The sole of this shoe is build up of Rubber or EVA which is non-marking gum rubber sole with special grooves designed for abrasion resistant and anti-skid. Rubber in the shoe toe can protect your toes from the collision and protect you from sports injury while playing badminton and the EVA midsole helps to reduce shoe weight to make a soft and comfortable wearing feeling. The extra layer of reinforcement along the inside front and toe helps to extend the lifespan of the shoes. Thick rubber material, diamond shock-absorbing granule, anti-slippery grooves, get you more flexible and comfortable while in sports.

LI-NING Men Badminton Training Sports Shoes

Key Features:

Great EVA/Rubber sole
Designed with Xtructure technology
Anti-collision toe
100% satisfaction guaranteed product

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4. HEAD Men’s Grid 2.0 Indoor Court Shoes

The Head men’s shoes are well-designed can be used in indoor courts and for playing with more power on your feet. The Head Grid 2.0 has provided with the unique Cooling System which is termed as dynamic as the material absorbs heat and releases it in the atmosphere and also with HyBrasion Technology is to absorb impacts in high-stress areas of the sole.
The design of this badminton shoe is such that it shows the result in increased drug resistance. This product is offered in various sizes and multiple colors as per the user preferences. It is great for any indoor court such as Racquetball, Squash, Badminton, Pickleball, Volleyball, etc.

HEAD Men's Grid 2.0 Indoor Court Shoes

Key Features:

Constructed with Cooling system and HyBrasion Technology
Very stable and has great support in toes and heels
Comfortable, light and cushioned
Plenty of arch support

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5. Python Men’s Deluxe ShoePython Men's Deluxe Shoe

Python Men’s Deluxe Shoe is manufactured from brand Python Racquetball. These shoes are very good quality leather shoe comes at a very affordable price. Its inner features bring in a good quality with soft mesh fabric that has a strong sweat absorbing property to keep your foot comfortable and get relax feels. The stable surface in-sock keeps your foot dry and strengthens movement with great stability. The shoes have been well made to give good breathability and excellent grip so that the players can move around the court with no strain on the legs. The sole of these shoes comes with a high-density rubber sole that is ideal for abrasion resistance, strong skid resistance, and elasticity.

Key Features:

Good quality soft mesh fabric
Design with high-density rubber sole
Made up of excellent grip with high safety
Excellent breathability

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6. JAZBA GECKOR 1.0 Badminton Indoor Court Shoes for Men

Jazba is designed with passion and determination to support your sport and work together as a team to build and produce high-quality products at very reasonable prices. It is well padded with Synthetic Leather and Breathable Mesh Upper that provides extra side support to Contral Lateral Movement. The Non-marking gum rubber sole with deep herringbone pattern offers excellent traction. It comes in a sturdy design which is preferable for people who like good ankle support. The shoes give a good grip for use on wooden courts. It also has unique Lace Holding Tongue Pocket for free Foot Movement and Zero Lace Flutter.

JAZBA GECKOR 1.0 Badminton Racquetball Squash Volleyball Indoor Court Shoes

Key Features:

Provides ankle support
Good durability
Good grip for use on wooden courts

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7. LI-NING Saga Lightweight Men Badminton Shoes

This is another brand of Li-Ning family that gives out superior performance. The shoe performs well, with a fast and comfortable by installing multiple pivot points. The upper mesh of these shoes enhances breathability with the synthetic leather overlays. The non-marking gum is also constructed to assist preventing the sole from scratch. The extra layer of reinforcement along the inside front and top helps to extend the lifespan of the badminton shoes and provide superior product performance. The XSTRUCTRE as a tighten device also make sure that you can adjust the tightness based on your needs and improves the protection for the strong demand on anti-rollover when you become involved in these lightweight shoes.
It is 100% guaranteed product.

LI-NING Saga Lightweight Men Badminton Shoes

Key Features:

It offers good protection
Guaranteed product
It is abrasion resistant
Built with multi-flex sole and Xtructure technology

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8. LI-NING Sonic Boom Series Professional Badminton Shoes Lining Technology

This Sonic Boom Series Badminton Shoes is one of the best products of Li-Ning brand which is made up of synthetic leather with textile material used in upper, gives you breathable and helps you keep cool and dry sports environment. It is equipped with BOUNSE+ technology with a high rebound compression resistant material. The sole of this sonic shoe is designed of a rubber outsole with special grooves, makes shoes more skid-resistances and wear resistance.
There is also ProBar LOC which is a thermoplastic stabilizing device fixed in the arch of the foot to connect the forefoot and the heel for offering support function to the arch during the propulsion phase. This device also permits the arch of the foot to get better support in every step when touchdown as to reduce the pressure of the arch of the foot. This shoe uses cushion which is used in the main impact parts in the midsole for providing cushioning and makes a smooth and stable transition during exercise or works out.

LI-NING Sonic Boom Series Professional Badminton Shoes

Key Features:

Constructed with BOUNSE+ technology
Made up of synthetic leather with textile material
Absolutely light in weight
Well designed

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9. LI-NING Men Ranger Series Lightweight Badminton

Li-NING Men Ranger Series badminton is light in weight which is made up of high-quality synthetic leather with textile material and TUP. These shoes consist of tuff-tip which is a wear-resistant material that is used in the toe part. It also has an anti-collision toe that makes you avoid injury and reduce collision to get comfortable walking and sports. It has a strong grip and gives flexible bionic performance outsole that provides you wear- resistance and grip that improves your competition performance.

LI-NING Men Ranger Series Lightweight Badminton Training Shoes

Key Features:

High-quality synthetic leather
Provide Anti-collision toe
Valuable product
Comes with a strong grip

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10. Yonex SHB 65 Z Men’s 2018 New Badminton Shoes

The Yonex SHB gives a soft cushioning effect to the wearer that has a power cushion effect due to the presence of MX Power Cushion support. It is well-designed for maximum stability and provides the player with the ultimate cushioning for comfort and protection for their ankles and feet. The SHB 65 Z is extremely lightweight and has a super soft inner surface that makes it wonderful to wear it while playing badminton in a court.
It also supports the Carbon Graphite Sheet in the shoe that offers a high degree of stability. It provides with an enhanced P.U leather and polyester mesh and this leather is not only added to its durability but also gives it a fantastic look, while the polyester mesh makes sure for better ventilation. This shoe is available in a variety of sizes and widths; one can get one that best suits his or her feet easily. The midsole is equipped with Tough Bird, Power Cushion and T.P.U technology in which this cushioning absorbs the impact and puts off the stress from ankles and knees.

Yonex SHB 65 Z Men's 2018 New Badminton Shoes

Key Features:

Equipped with Tough Bird technology for power cushioning
Built with attractive design and super-comfortable
Supports Carbon Graphite Sheet
Good for injured or weak knee
TPU midsole which adds extra support

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So here we have outlined the top popular badminton shoes; this will help you for looking best shoes that will fulfill your specific needs and requirements. It is like the complete package, with solid grip, excellent cushioning, lightweight and a sleek design to top it all.

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