Best Badminton Strings 2020

Different strings are designed for different players, so they will have more or less power, repulsion, control, speed, durability or sound compared to other strings, and these features may improve or decrease depending on string tension. However, with so many different types of strings are now available, we believe that these strings are the best for badminton players that wish for the best strings for smashing, hitting clears and durability.

Stringing your racket with a good quality string will make perfect feel, durability and repulsion power. Therefore it is recommended to select the best string if you are taking this game seriously because string tension and type of string will impact on your performance.

Durability and quality of strings will change based on string tension, material, thickness, etc. Professional or more experienced players could look to factors like long/short dwell time & soft/solid feel. It is recommended for beginners to use thicker strings since thinner strings are easy to break from miss-hits.

To pick a proper badminton string, you should take a note of your playing style as different strings will assist you with certain aspects of the game.
It is completely essential to use the right badminton strings so that you can boost your performance to win in games. Other than that, having the most suitable strings is very important because re-stringing your badminton racket can be quite costly.

Different levels of play (beginners, intermediate, advanced and professional) require different types of strings. Hence, different kinds of strings have different purposes during a game. Therefore, you should choose the string that meets your playing technique.

In this post, we take attention at some of the 8 best badminton strings that are good, strong and cost-effective.

Top 8 Best Badminton Strings Reviews In 2020

1. Yonex BG 80 Badminton StringYonex BG 80 Badminton String

The Yonex BG 80 is one the best Yonex badminton strings which are suitable for consistent performers who know their rackets very well with a gauge of 0.68mm. It is mostly available in white color and available in 10 meters (33 feet) of length. It is quite thicker than Yonex BG 66 and has a smaller sweet point is also more concentrated.
The Yonex BG 80 is famous by many due to its power as its thickness also makes it very durable. It is very easy to obtain more accurate swings with thicker strings than thinner ones. The BG 80 is well suitable to assist doubles players to take powerful swings from the back of the playing field. It comes with good repulsion for a string at high tension but the hard feeling is why some players avoid it.

Key Features:

Generate immense power and very stiff
Best for intermediate and players
Offers great accuracy
Great for powerful and consistent strokes

2. Yonex BG 65 Badminton StringYonex BG 65 Badminton String

Yonex BG 65 is a great string with awesome thickness and has a tiny sweet point.
It is provided with high polymer nylon multifilament. The length of the string is 200m (660 feet) and also comes in multiple colors. It has specially braided fibers to reduce string abrasion because of this it increases BG 65 durability. So it allows the player to produces very accurate shots. It is convenient for precision play and also it is a great string for female players who carry out technical and control strings during mixed doubles matches.

Key Features:

Ideal for technical and control shots
Very durable and cost-effective
Convenient for precision play
Provides accurate shots

3. Ashaway Zymax 62 Fire Badminton StringAshaway Zymax 62 Fire Badminton String

The Ashaway Zymax 62 is one of the great badminton strings ever which is made with excellent materials. The BETA Polymer Technology is fixed into it to give superior dynamic stiffness and high repulsion performance. They are suitable for both professional and amateur badminton players and available in different colors as well as it comes in Fire orange and Ivory white. Although, the string provides exceptional control coupled with a metallic, powerful sound when striking to make for a unique combination. The ZyweaVe TM core in the string avoids loss of tension and increases strength and durability.

Key Features:

Ability to hold a lot of tension
Offers great durability and cost-effective
Provides awesome repulsion
Stringing the ZM62 Fire is quite easy

4. Li-ning Badminton Racket Accessory Ns95 All-round StringLi-ning Badminton Racket Accessory Ns95 All-round String

Li-Ning Badminton NS95 All-Round String Reel is mainly yellow in color and length is 200m which is an all-around string with balanced performance. It is manufactured by brand Li Ning. The designed is made of with Nano coating which extends the life of the string and provides excellent repulsion power and control. The diameter of the line is 0.70 mm and gives a maximum string tension of 30lbs. It is highly durable and cost-effective that produces a good hitting sound.

Key Features:

Highly durable
Delivers great repulsion power
Produces a good hitting sound
Offers excellent control

5. Yonex BG66 Ultimax Badminton StringYonex BG66 Ultimax Badminton String

It is another amazing badminton string from Yonex is the BG66 Ultimax which is an enhanced version of the BG66 with high-intensity multifilament string. BG 66 strings give efficient power and high repulsion. The length of the string is 200m (656 feet) Reel and gauge is 22 (0.65mm).
This string is useful for slicing which is commonly used to carry out drop shots, deceptive shots and many more. The BG66 Ultimax is the most costly badminton strings from Yonex. It is definitely worth the cost because it offers wonderful high performance. The BG 66 Ultimax is an ultra-thin gauge string that provides you high repulsion and produces clear hitting sounds and is available in pearl white and yellow colors.

Key Features:

Great for slicing
Offers great power
The repulsion is incredible
Comes with high-intensity Multifilament String

6. YONEX BG68TI Titanium Badminton StringYONEX BG68TI Titanium Badminton String

The YONEX BG68TI Titanium Badminton String is another product which is manufactured from brand Yonex which definitely makes it among the best badminton strings. It is a highly recommended product which is very powerful at lower tensions (-24) and is coated with Titanium. This BG TI string provides a good hitting sound as well while playing and also it is great for repulsion and control.

Key Features:

Coated with Titanium
Great for repulsion and control
Powerful at a lower tension
Long lasting string

7. Wilson Synthetic Gut Power Badminton StringWilson Synthetic Gut Power Badminton String

The Wilson badminton string is also another great string in the market which is manufactured from brand Wilson. It is made up of solid core nylon string and available in white color. It utilizes fluorocarbon filaments to offers optimum power, energy, and return. The 200m reel is convenient for stringing about 20-22 rackets and has 0.68mm gauge. It is an excellent combination of comfort and power. It provides great comfort for people suffering from arm issues or pain.

Key Features:

Gives maximum power and return due to the unique fluorocarbon filaments
Offers great comfort for people suffering from arm issues
Produces a sharp hitting sound
Quite durable

8. Yonex Nanogy 98 Badminton Racquet StringYonex Nanogy 98 200m Badminton Racquet String

The Yonex Nanogy 98 is another one of the best product which is manufactured from brand Yonex that gives you a very sharp feeling with 0.66mm gauge and powerful repulsion for quality, precise and defensive shots. The 200-meter reel will make you string 20 to 23 rackets depending on your usage and depending on your stringing technique.
The Nanotechnology is fixed into Yonex’s strings that are high on durability, playability, and style. These strings are available in light metallic gold that makes an impression on and off the court. This string offers you excellent repulsion power for high clear and defensive shots. It builds great hitting sounds that are clear and have a high frequency. It is suitable for all levels of play because it gives a medium feeling. The core is made of high polymer nylon multifilament while the outer part is covered of special braided high polymer nylon fiber and also it is coated with compound Cup-stack Carbon Nanotube.

Key Features:

Made of high polymer nylon multifilament
Controls great repulsion power
Fairly durable considering a thin string
Matches all levels of play


There are a lot of different opinions or views regarding string tension and string choice while making the right choice you should follow your personal needs or preferences. A good badminton string has satisfying string tension according to their different levels of play, has a good impact feel, is durable, and provides sufficient repulsion power.
When selecting a badminton string, you have to focus on the string tension, the materials used in making it, length and gauge too. Additionally, the thickness and sweet spot of a string are also important as well.

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