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Best LED Badminton Shuttlecocks for Night Gamers 2020

There is assumption came into picture like a racquet to be the most necessary weapon of their game, but in reality, the shuttlecock plays just as important a part in a match too.
Shuttlecocks can be made of many different types of materials, including plastic, nylon, and feathers. It designs in a cone shape and is held together by a round center, usually made of cork or rubber.
Sometimes, during at night you can’t able to visible the shuttlecock for playing even in the dark. For that purpose, there is LED badminton shuttlecock which is designed with LED to increase the visibility so the player can view the range of shuttlecock quickly even in the night time. It’s including high color saturation, fast response, high energy efficiency, and good design freedom.
In order to make easy a smooth game, here’s a buying guide of some of the best-LED shuttlecock brands for you.

Top 8 Best LED Badminton Shuttlecocks Reviews In 2019

1. Ohuhu LED Badminton ShuttlecocksOhuhu LED Badminton Shuttlecocks

It is equipped with high-quality LEDs in this it turns the feather of shuttlecocks green, blue, red and one alternate between all three colors and manufactured from brand Ohuhu. It has LED light which can be switched on and off easily with the press of a button that is placed in the back of the cork. The LED is pretty long lasting and also doesn’t come off during power smash plays.
It is built with goose feathers and a cork ball, the head highest quality of material considered for shuttlecocks. It’s weighing up to 6.7g/0.24oz for high speed with a great bounce and ease of handling. A fun choice is for both amateurs and beginners such as during the day and especially in the night too.

Key Features:

Good flight speed
Solid feel built with high-quality material
Comes with multicolor LED light with a pack of four
One touch activation
Easy for maintenance

2. ZHENAN 6 Pack LED Badminton ShuttlecocksZHENAN 6 Pack LED Badminton Shuttlecocks 

This shuttlecock is manufactured by brand name ZHENAN. It comes in 4 pieces of packaging such as red, green, blue, and colorful flashing. It is built with really great high-quality material that is goose feather including SMD lamps and other electronic products which is 100% safe to use. It had LED lights which can be easily switched on and off. It is really cool to play with these at night outside with these led shuttlecocks the fun is just beginning when the sun goes down. The life span of this shuttlecock is 50 hours each to hold the fun going for a good long time.

Key Features:

Life span of 50 hours
Used high-quality material
Available in 4 pieces of different color

3. Inngree LED Badminton ShuttlecockInngree LED Badminton Shuttlecock

Inngree LED shuttlecock comes with 6 different colorful pieces which have a switch that automatically on and off. It contains high-quality material goose feather with SMD LED, a large capacity battery that goes on working up to 30 hours. It is a really wonderful LED shuttlecock for your kids or your family to play in the evening which is full of fun. It is a good quality product that gives 100% money back guarantee. This shuttlecock is the perfect brightness for nighttime play without being blinded.

Key Features:

Incredible durability
Great quality product
Multicolor of 6 pieces
Easy to use
2 pieces of large capacity battery

4. KEVENZ 12-Pack Goose Feather Badminton ShuttlecocksKEVENZ 12-Pack Goose Feather Badminton Shuttlecocks

It is set of 12 pieces which are equipped with high quality LED lights. It has7 LED color options which turns the shuttlecocks feather red, green, blue, purple and two alternates between all colors. It is made up with good elasticity natural cork and nice durable goose feather. This is light-up birdie that is very bright, long lasting, change colors and the batteries last for 20 hours. It can be easily turned on and off by clicking on the button placed in the back of the led badminton shuttlecocks

Key Features:

Good long lasting product and excellent performance
A wonderful experience to play badminton at night
4 different color options
Stable flight

5. BLUBOON Shuttlecock Lighting BirdiesBLUBOON Shuttlecock Lighting Birdies

This lighting shuttlecock is well designed by brand BLUBOON which is perfect for playing in the dark or at night as well as in the daytime just makes badminton even more fun for kids or adults too. The LED flashes out multiple different colors of fun and freedom as the shuttlecock flying up with a determination back and forth over the net. The flashing lights also make it easy to spot the shuttlecock when it gets stuck in a tree made or height level. It is made up of high-quality material that is actual feather with SMD lamps and the different kind of electronic product.

Key Features:

Ideal for playing in the dark or night even in daytime also
Made up of high-quality material
Easily spot anywhere when it is stuck over at the height
Very bright and durable

6. RiteTrak Sports NiteFlite Light-Up Badminton BirdiesRiteTrak Sports NiteFlite Light-Up Badminton Birdies

It is manufactured from RiteTrak Sports brand which is really amazing at how easy and fun it is to play at night because it’s so easy to track and see these birdies as they light up the night sky. It also provides an easy-on-easy-off simple pushbutton that turns the light on and stays on until you turn them off. The small button batteries are provided which is embedded in each birdie to power the LED lights – the approximate life span of 20 hours each to keep the fun going for a good long time. It can be used for playing in the backyard, at the beach, park or while camping in the outdoors.

Key Features:

The life span of a battery up to 20 hours
Easy to control
Well made and amazing light up birdie
Can be played at multiple places

7. Bringsine LED Badminton ShuttlecockBringsine LED Badminton Shuttlecock

The LED lights are installed in the back of the cork, with the On/Off push button so it can be easily controlled. The packaging includes 4 pieces of shuttlecock with a different color like red, green, blue or multicolor. Each shuttlecock is weighing only 6.7g/0.24oz for great bounce and easy for handling. It is designed with high-quality material with SMD lamps and different electronic products. It is an economical shuttlecock for beginners and amateurs too. This shuttlecock is perfect for playing in the dark environment.

Key Features:

Touch switch lights have IC control
Good durability and gives excellent performance
Can be lit 20 hours
LED lights installed in the back of the cork

8. YYZP LED Shuttlecock BadmintonYYZP LED Shuttlecock Badminton

It is built in high-quality material with goose feather and using handmade lines which are manufactured from brand YYZP. Each feather was equally connected and then wrapped around the line twice to get a secure connection. It including 1 piece LED, 1 piece large capacity battery and all have come in different kind of colors like red, green, blue, white, yellow, and last is colorful which blinks when you playing with it; it’s change continuously from one color to another. It comes with rotating LEDs that replace the toggle switch and push button switch for longer working hours of up to 10 hours. This wonderful LED shuttlecock brings more fun for your kids and your family to play at night.

Key Features:

Equipped with high-quality material
Package of 6 colors of pieces
Made up of goose feather and using handmade lines
The life span of working for up to 10 hours


These are some of the top best-LED badminton shuttlecock brands in the market and if you are searching for a premium-quality product, it’s best to get yourself one of these. So spend some time choosing the perfect shuttlecock before you go ahead and make the best purchase.

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