Best shuttlecock for beginners

Best Shuttlecock For Beginners : Plastic Or Feather

You have to try to deal with your issues, block your fears, and score your points when you get the chance to play. So here for beginners, you should always find some best shuttlecock which is available in both plastic and feather one. There are few things to know as satisfying as hearing perfect badminton strokes one after another, especially if purchasing the right shuttlecock.
Sometimes a game of shuttlecock comes at just the right moment in your life. Feather shuttlecock is beautiful, serene, and a bit of sunshine in a gloomy world. These are used by professional players and the serious amateur one because they tend to have better flight quality simply the speed is better and the flight is better. But they aren’t very durable the feather can become brittle too. So there are also plastic or nylon or synthetic shuttlecocks which are made out nylon/plastic instead of feathers and the advantage of this nylon/plastic shuttlecock is durable and ready to use straight out of the tube or from the package.
With the above detail information in mind, here are 8 best shuttlecocks for beginners that we consider based on available features and reviews.

Top 8 Best Shuttlecock For Beginners Reviews In 2020

1. Philonext 12-Pack Badminton ShuttlecocksPhilonext 12-Pack Badminton Shuttlecocks

Philonext Badminton Shuttlecock is manufactured by the brand name Philonext. It gives good quality of feathers with thick hair pieces that improve the durability of badminton, increase the stability and strong resistance of badminton. It comes in sturdy packaging of six pieces in the pipe and can be well protected from pressure, feather and delicate feathers to hold you spring-loaded – during transport. The shuttlecock provides composite cork ball head with good elasticity, good hitting, and durability and also gives stability in flight.

Key Features:

High-quality feathers
Great durability and stability
Comes in 6 pieces
Well packed, sturdy and protected

2. Philonext 16-pack badminton ShuttlecocksPhilonext Badminton Shuttlecocks

It is another product which is also manufactured from brand Philonext. It is equipped with 16 pieces which made up of goose feather and also comes in a lightweight that provides smooth and even flight. It gives premium feather and sturdy structure that gives continuously good play and make the shuttle for long time use. It also comes with a composite double head cork that offers consistent bounce and steady flight path. The application shows that it is suitable for entertainment, training and exercise fitness especially for trainers, amateurs and beginners.

Key Features:

Equipped with 16 pieces with goose feather
Comes in lightweight
Great durability and stability
Sturdy structure

3. Hysagtek Plastic Badminton ShuttlecockHysagtek 12 Pcs Plastic Badminton ShuttleCocks

It is made of nylon or plastic material which is especially for recreational use and also features a medium speed and manufactured from brand Hysagtek. This is multipurpose shuttlecock which is suitable for entertainments, training and also for exercise fitness especially for trainers, amateurs, beginners and even family play. The packaging is well packaged in a tube that contains 12 pieces badminton shuttlecocks which can well protect feather from bumping. The size of this shuttle is approximately 8cm x 6.5cm/3.15” x 2.56”.

Key Features:

Medium speed
Convenient for training, exercise, or for family fun
Well packed in a tube contains 12 pieces
Economical shuttlecocks for beginners, kids, amateurs, and players
Affordable product

4. Macgregor Yellow Tournament Badminton ShuttlecockMacGregor Yellow Tournament Badminton Shuttlecock

Macgregor has nylon feathers that always self-esteem themselves on the premium quality of their sporting goods and accessories. These shuttles make for unmatched durability and resistance to the abrasive effect of constant brushing with the top of the net. They work great, fly well and can be easy to see. It comes with medium speed, tough and accurate shuttle which help to build hand-eye coordination. It can be also used in badminton tournaments for competitive play or events. The rounded cork tips make sure that every player will get a clean it off their racket every time.

Key Features:

Valuable product
Medium speed shuttle
Round cork tip
Also can be used in badminton tournament or competitive event

5. Yonex Mavis 350 Plastic ShuttlecocksYonex Mavis 350 Plastic Shuttlecocks

It is designed and manufactured to give perfect flight performance. While badminton master mainly prefers using feather shuttlecocks, nylon shuttlecocks present a good choice for beginners and intermediate level players. Their durable construction makes them ideal for use in practice sessions, while Yonex’s manufacturer makes the Mavis 350 shuttles behave much like a feather unit in their flight. The packaging includes 6 packs of the shuttle. It is very long lasting and the performance makes the game that much better and also affordable.

Key Features:

Stable flight path
Speeds: Slow, medium, fast
Durable construction
Color-coded for suitability

6. KEVENZ 12-Pack Badminton ShuttlecocksKEVENZ 12-Pack Badminton Shuttlecocks

KEVENZ badminton is all made of high-quality advanced nylon material which manufactured from brand name KEVENZ. The ball weight is about 5g, the ball head double is filled with an imported large grain of the wood. It provides good elasticity, durability and to ensure that flight stable. It comes in yellowish color only with 12 counts of pieces. It can be an affordable product; it won’t break easily and really flexible to play with it.

Key Features:

High quality advanced nylon material
Value for money
Long lasting product

7. Senston Badminton ShuttlecocksSenston Badminton Shuttlecocks

The Senston shuttlecock is manufactured with great durability and stability in mind, these shuttles are quality material which makes them ideally suited for long training sessions, leisure and relaxation use. It comes in white goose feather and compound cork head too and the weight of shuttlecock is 5 g. They are really great beginner’s shuttles, these shuttles come in bright colors and some really with awesome designs. The packaging including 12 pieces of shuttlecock is packed in a great tube, which is firm and can be reused. This shuttlecock is convenient for entertainments, training, competition, family leisure and exercise fitness. It comes at a reasonable price so you can easily afford it.

Key Features:

Ideally suitable for training, leisure, and entertainment
Bright colors and amazing designs
Great stability
Highly durable for a long time

8. Champion Sports Nylon Outdoor ShuttlecocksChampion Sports Nylon Outdoor Shuttlecocks

This shuttlecock is manufactured by Champion Sports which is nylon-based that is perfectly suited for outdoor play. It is a good purchase for beginners starting out badminton as a sport. They are a very durable and good quality product at a very reasonable price. The packaging includes 6 pieces of shuttlecocks. They fly very nicely and very easy to hit.

Key Features:

Pack of 6 pieces
Good quality product
Nylon-based for outdoor play and durable nylon construction
Very durable making it perfect for beginners


So from now, you know what to look out for when buying your shuttlecocks, be it shuttlecock brands or shuttlecock speed and type. If you just want a bit of fun then select nylon or feather shuttlecock from any of the brands listed above in the list. “You can fly through luscious landscapes collecting scores and painting the world with life and making a victory”!!

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