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How to Make Shuttlecock Last Longer_

How to Make Shuttlecock Last Longer?

If you enjoy playing badminton, it is very important that you play with durable and quality shuttlecocks. For those of player who play with feather shuttles, you will know how easily they can break due to a miss-shot or just from normal play. Once the feather of a shuttle breaks, it will affect the performance of the shuttle and will need to be changed. But it’s not fare…
So, To extend the longevity of shuttlecock daily, the most important thing is to keep them away from high heat which can cause the feathers to become brittle. And also improve the shuttles durability, many players will use some methods that are steaming and dipping that means it will stream their shuttle. This is done to introduce moisture into feathers so that they are softer and not as brittle, reducing the chance of breakage when hit. This effect is quite suitable for those who are living in dry places as well as during the winter time. There are many ways to create the steam needed for humidifying the shuttlecock. The easiest method is to boil water and hold the shuttlecock directly above so it can absorb the steam without completely wetting it.

To Steam Your Shuttlecocks Should Ensure Following Some Important Point:

1. The steaming process should take around 30 seconds or a max of 1 minute.
2.  Shuttle should not to over steam which can cause it can damage the cork as well as slow down the shuttle’s flight
3. Use the steamed shuttlecocks as quickly as you can, that is only steam the amount you intend to use the next day

Steaming Method:

1. To steam your shuttlecocks. Firstly, remove both entry and exit end caps of the tube. And also make sure the tube has an aluminum foil lining.

2. Place the shuttles into the tube that you want to use for next days play. Once you have your shuttles in the tube you are ready to start steaming. With both ends of the tube open, place the entry-end over your steaming machine tool.

3. As soon as you see steam coming out of the top end of the tube, take it off the steamer and put the end caps back on quickly to prevent the steam from escaping. Lets it sit for 12 hr.

Another fast method of preparing shuttlecock is the dipping method, but this method is not effective than the above 1st method, But it works. This method should not be used for the new shuttlecock

Dipping Method:

Take a small bowl with warm water and take each shuttle by cork and hold the shuttlecock with the feather on the bottom. Then, dip the shuttlecock’s feather inside the bowl filled with warm water for about 2-3 min. But make sure that only the feathers are dipped in water. Then, Shake the shuttlecock to remove the extra water and keep the shuttlecock inside the tube. But before keeping the shuttlecock inside the tube it’s must shake the tube with warm water for about 3-5 seconds so that the inner wall of the tube is wet. Then, finally, place the shuttlecock inside the tube and close both caps of the shuttlecock tube to keep the wet inside the tube.

Dipping method will produce a slow result, but one of the best method to prepare each shuttlecock to its potential usage. In this way, you can use these two methods to make shuttlecock last longer……..!!!!!!

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